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Control Difficulty: Difficult

Keep up: No ( see description )


Requires: Hibernation Trance.

Note: This power can only be used by characters who have been consumed by the Dark Side of the Force .

Warning: Use of this power gives the user a Dark Side Point.

The Jedi must say how long s/he wishes to stay in Rage; The user of this power must make a Difficult control roll every four hours in the trance of the rage or will come out of the trance. S/he receives a +10 bonus to all Force powers, but takes 1D damage for every two hours spent in Rage.

Protection: adds the Rage control roll to any difficulty rolls for attepts of any Force powers that target the user of Rage. Rage user dehydrate twice as fast and suffer a –1D to Strength if attacked by any energy and physical contact.

Side effect: a physical contact with a person in rage results in an berserk like attack - regardless of who the person may be. A Difficult control roll stops the attack

Preperation: a character using rage can choose to anticipate the arrival of a foe. They must make a Difficult Sense roll ( modified by relationship ) with the Life Sense power at a time they enter rage. This will allow them to instantly awaken on a sucssessfull easy control roll if the expected person comes within 5 meters of the person in rage.

Source: Dark Empire Sourcebook ( Page 68 )

Variant Effect Description

Effect:Rage allows a character to feel the great influence of the dark side. It functions as a counterpart to emptiness.

The character must tense herself completely, and allow the mindless rage of the dark side to possess her. When using this power, a character will appear lifeless. The Force-user is amplifying the negative aspects of her personality, leaving her face clenched in a rictus of horror and fear.

Acharacter must determine how long she wishes to be in roge when she enters the trance. Barring an attack or the arrival of a specific person (as explained below), the Jedi stays in the trance for the chosen duration. The Jedi must make a Difficult control roll for every four hours in the trance or she suddenly awakens.

When the Jedi leaves this state, she receives a +10 modifier to all Force skill rolls for a period equal to the time spent in rage. After the bonus has subsided the character takes one die of damage for every two hours she was in the trance.

Like emptiness, rage makes characters oblivious to their surroundings; they are rendered immobile. Unlike emptiness, however, characters in this states strongly exude the dark side. This internal focusing even provides some protection against others using the Force to manipulate them in some way. Add the rage control roll to the difficulty of the Force power employed by the "attacking" character.

Characters dehydrate and hunger twice as quickly when using rage, and are even more susceptible to damage (-ID to Strength when resisting damage from physical and energy attacks while in this state). Characters who plan an extended trance require intravenous nourishment.

In rage, the character is less oblivious to her surroundings than a Jedi in emptiness. For example, any physical contact by a living being may revive them (the Jedi must make a Moderate control roll) and provoke an instant berserker-like attack, regardless of who the person is. The character must then make a Difficult control roll to cease the attack before the "offending" character is killed.

A character using rage can choose to anticipate the arrival of a foe. She must make a Difficult sense roll (modified by relationship) with the life sense power at the time he enters rage. This allows her to instantly awaken (Easy control roll) if the expected person comes within five meters of the person in rage.

This power may be used in a preparation ritual for the transfer life power. When a raged person uses transfer life, her original body is instantly and completely consumed by the dark side, often bursting into blue flames. For every three points be which the control roll exceeded the rage difficulty, the body does ID damage upon explosion (three-meter blast radius).

Source: Tales of the Jedi Companion (page 46)