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Receptive Telepathy

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Receptive Telepathy

Sense Difficulty: Very Easy for friendly, non-resisting targets. A resisting target makes a Perception or control roll to determine the difficulty. Modified by proximity and relationship.

Required Powers: Life Detection, Life Sense

This power may be kept "up" if the target is willing and the proximity modifier doesn't increase.

Effect: A Jedi who makes the power roll can read the surface thoughts and emotions of the target. The Jedi "hears" what the target is thinking, but cannot probe for deeper information. If the sense roll doubles the difficulty number, the Jedi can sift through any memories up to 24 hours old. A Jedi cannot sift through memories in the same round that contact is made — this process takes a full round. A Jedi can read the minds of more than one person at a time, but each additional target requires a new receptive telepathy roll. This power may be used on creatures and other sentient species, although it cannot be used on droids.

Source: The Star Wars Roleplaying Game - second edition - revised and expanded (page 146)