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  • Rend
    Control Difficulty: Easy (or opposed control roll), modified by proximity
    Sense Difficulty: Easy, modified by proximity
    Alter Difficulty: Target’s Strength roll
    Required Powers: Control pain, inflict pain, injure/kill, life sense, telekinetic kill Warning: A character who uses this power automatically receives a Dark Side Point.
    Effect: This power allows a Force user to telekinetically grab hold of a person or object and
    pull in two directions at once, inflicting incredible pain or even death. The target takes damage determined by the Force user’s alter roll. If the target is killed, then he is torn in two. If the target is Force sensitive, then the target may make a control roll, instead of a Perception roll ( use the higher attribute ) opposed to the attacker’s control roll.
    Source: Clone Wars Campaign Guide (page 51)