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Alter difficulty: Opposed Strength or control roll
Required powers: Telekinesis
Warning: A Jedi who uses this power to harm a sentient being gains an immediate Dark Side Point.
Effect: A Jedi will choose to use this power when surrounded by opponents in close quarters. He or she may create a temporary bubble with the Force that pushes everyone (and everything) back two meters in every direction. All characters surrounding the Jedi may make an opposed Strength or control roll. If the opponent succeeds, then the character remains unmoved. If the Strength (or control) roll should fail, then the character is forcefully pushed two meters. Furthermore, the opposing character is moved an additional meter for every five points higher that the Jedi rolls.
The opposing characters may be slammed into any nearby solid objects, dealing an immediate 3D damage. However, this earns the Jedi an immediate Dark Side Point.
Source: The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide (page 87)