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Sense Difficulty: Difficult

Alter Difficulty: Heroic

Required Powers: Control Another's Pain, Life Detection, Life Sense, Projective Telepathy, Sense Force, Sense Force Potential, Transfer Force

Time to Use: 2 rounds

Effect: When this power is successfully activated and turned against an individual target, it has devastating results that permanently scar the being. If the character using the power makes all of the required skill checks to activate the power, he must sacrifice 4 Force Points to complete the power's use. If he does so, the target of the power loses all dice in Control, Sense, and Alter, and is no longer considered Force-sensitive. From this point on, he may not advance those skills, and may not use any Force powers. Additionally, if he has more than 5 Force Points, his total is reduced to 5.

This power is unique among all others in that it has only been used once in the recorded history maintained by the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. In fact, the knowledge of how to use the power seems to have only been granted by the will of the Force itself to the most powerful Jedi Masters through deep meditation and diligent study; as such, it is speculated by philosophers that the power is actually used by the Force to balance itself using a living being as the means for doing so. At the height of the Old Republic, it is recorded that the Jedi Knight Nomi Sunrider, while linked with Jedi Master Vodo Siosk-Baas, was guided by the will of the Force to direct this power at Ulic Quel-Droma, and that even then Jedi Sunrider did not fully understand what had been done. Though no formal study was performed on Quel-Droma, it is reported that he still existed in the Force as far as others were concerned, but he simply was no longer able to touch the Force as other Jedi Knights could. Despite the fact that no scientific analysis was ever performed, Jedi researchers theorize that Quel-Droma's midichlorian count dropped drastically as well, as he no longer heard the Force whispering to him when he meditated. Gamemasters should note that the use of this power is an epic event, and that the power is granted only at the discretion of the Force's will (i.e. only when the GM finds it dramatically appropriate). It is not reccommended that players be allowed to take this feat during their normal progression of levels, but ultimately the GM must decide whether or not it is appropriate for his or her game to allow characters to obtain this power. NPC's, however, could possibly have this power at their command, since they are controlled by the GM and can use the power only when dramatically appropriate.