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Shadow Split

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Shadow Split

Control Difficulty: Easy

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Note: This Power is exclusively used by the Shadow Dragons.

This Power may be kept “up” (see below).

Effect: When this power is called upon, the Jedi invoking it appears to split into four copies of himself, each of moves away in a different direction.  In actuality, only one of the images is real, the others are merely shadows, created by the portioning out of some of the invoker's life force.  Each time the power is invoked, the Jedi must expend a character point.  These images do not take damage, and are completely insubstantial.  As all forms of matter and energy pass right through them, they can be detected in that manner.  This power can be maintained from round to round, costing a character point every 10 rounds.  The images can attack, although they cause no damage on a successful hit.  The two ways in which this power is commonly used are to aid in flight, with the various images running away as well, drawing off enemy fire, and to aid in combat, where they draw fire, and distract opponents, making them dodge or parry illusionary attacks.  This power can be dispelled by "The Clouds, Parting."