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Shatterpoint Sense

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Shatterpoint Sense
Sense Difficulty: Very Difficult for present event, Very Difficult for future events (adding an additional +10 for events that are not in the immediate future).
Required Powers: Emptiness, hibernation trance, sense path, postcognition, sense force, farseeing, life sense
Time to use: One minute.
Effect: This power allows the Jedi to reach out through the Force and view the events and people around him in such a way that reveals their interconnectedness. The power extends through the Force to see the ever-changing sea of events in terms of their probability and causality; however, it only allows the Jedi to understand connections between people and events. When viewing these events and connection, the power creates an vision in the Jedi’s mind allowing them to view reality as though it were a crystal or gem. It allows them to view multiple facets, as well as viewing faults and veins as they run through the gem (the faults being the connections of causality and destiny that bind people together). Many of the interconnections create shatterpoints, important linchpins in destiny. Having this understanding of these shatterpoints allows the Jedi to potential to strike the gem in hopes to shape events to the greater good.
However, the power has several limitations. Shatterpoint sense will not reveal much additional factual information about the universe. If a Jedi were to have reached out to Chancellor Palpatine through Shatterpoint Sense, they would discover a strong (and growing) connection between Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker. It would not reveal that Palpatine was a Sith Lord, nor would it reveal Anakin’s destiny to become a Sith Lord. However, in order to get a vision of Anakin’s shatterpoints, the Jedi would separately have to focus on Anakin, where he would see a strong connection to both Palpatine and Padmé Amidala. Further, the power would not allow them to understand the nature of Anakin’s connection to Padmé, or understand that they were secretly married.

In game terms, this power functions very well as a plot device. It can add a direction or richness to the intrigue of a campaign. Visions through Shatterpoint Sense are always imperfect, and thus gamemasters are discouraged from revealing too much information. The player must choose to focus on one character, and if he makes the difficult, the gamemaster may reveal that there is a strong connection between that character and others. If the player exceeds the difficulty by 5, then the GM may reveal the strength of those connections, or whether or not they are growing or waning in strength. If the player exceeds the difficulty by 10, then the gamemaster may reveal whether or not there is a taint of the Dark Side in those connections.