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Shatterpoint Strike

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Shatterpoint Strike
Sense Difficulty: Very Difficult
Required Powers: Emptiness, hibernation trance, sense path, farseeing, life sense, shatterpoint sense
Effect: Shatterpoint is a very rare power that allows a Jedi to see faults and fissures within objects, much like faults of a gem. These faults may exist because of previous interactions with the Force (such as prior healings that may be undone), or natural fissures which occasionally occur. Such fissures may only exist for the briefest moment, and can disappear with very little provocation, such as a slight movement of the person or object. These faults will generally make the object or person much more vulnerable to attack. Just as striking on the fault of a gem may cause it to shatter, striking a shatterpoint will easily destroy a person or object. In game terms, if the gamemaster determines that a shatterpoint exists within a person or object, the Force user may make his rolls to sense it. The Force user must then, as a separate action, make an attack that same round to strike the shatterpoint. When the target rolls to resist damage, the damage resistance total is reduced by half. For every +10 that the Force user exceeds the difficulty, the resistance total is reduced by another -5.
Source: Clone Wars Campaign Guide (page 51)