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Shift Sense

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Shift Sense

Sense Difficulty: Moderate for simple phenomena (such as heat or simple scents); Difficult for more uncommon phenomena (such as comm frequencies, infrared radiation); Very Difficult for specific, complex phenomena (such as setting olfactory nerves to detect the presence of Tibanna gas).

This power may be kept up.

Required powers: Magnify Senses

Effect: The character may shift his or her senses as to detect phenomena of a different type than normal. Shifting eyesight to the infrared spectrum, hearing frequencies above or below normal range for his or her species, etc. This power counts as a “skill use” for determining die code penalties. Please note that this power is exceptionally useful in some aspects, but fairly limited in others. For example, a Jedi may detect comm frequencies, but that does not mean that the Jedi can listen in on the transmission. The Jedi will be able to detect that a transmission is present, but may not necessarily be able to locate the signal’s source, and certainly will not be able to decode the information carried by the transmission.

Source: Tales of the Jedi Companion (page 51-52)