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Sith Sorcery

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Control Difficulty: Difficult.

Sense Difficulty: Moderate.

Required Powers:Enhance Attribute, Feed on Dark Side, Life Detection, Life Sense, Sense Force.

Warning: A character who uses this power automatically receives a Dark Side Point.

Effect: Sith Sorcery is used to channel the spirits of dead Sith lords into a character's body, augmenting his own natural abilities at the risk of possession. If successful, this power grants bonuses to attacks, resistance rolls, Strength (to resist damage only), and any use of Dark Side Force powers (ie, any powers that give Dark Side Points when used). The extent of the bonus and the power's duration are determined by the amount the Jedi's Control roll exceeds the difficulty. The duration can be increased by spending character points – for each character point spent, the duration is increased by one round. These points can be spent at any time before the power fades.

Control Roll > Difficulty By:





4 rounds



4 rounds



3 rounds



3 rounds



2 rounds

Special: Whenever Sith Sorcery is used, in addition to receiving a Dark Side Point, the character opens himself up to possession by Sith spirits. He must immediately succeed in a Moderate Willpower skill check, with the difficulty increased randomly by the amount of the bonus received. For example, a Dark Jedi beats his Control roll difficulty by 8 points, gaining a +1D bonus. When the power fades, he must make a Willpower roll with a difficulty of Moderate +1D. If the skill roll succeeds, there are no complications. If it fails, however, the character is possessed by a Dark Side spirit (see rules on Dark Spirits).