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I am the WikiSysop, also known as the BigStinkyDog, or BSDOblivion. I am the creator of the D6Holocron which i do hope to keep up online forever. My hope is that the original materials created by West End Games will meld with the WOTC and what the masses create on their own. all combining to a huge database that will cover all cannon as well as home brewed materials. I can't trust Darth Lucas to do credit to the universe he started and the others made great, so i will leave it to the masses who actually care about this fictional world. This is a creation of the masses and i wish to keep it that way.

In the mundane life i am a technical support tier 1 specialist for an online college which will remain nameless since i do not wish to promote or bash the company. I am married to a wonderful woman living in Illinois America.

As a story teller for games i have played and run many, many different games such as Star Wars (duh) d6-d20-saga, dungeons and dragons bdd-add-add 2nd-3rd-3.5, Pathfinder, Werewolf, Vampire, Changling, Mage, Wraith, Shadow run, RIFTS, Boot Hill, Immortal, Call of Cthulhu, Car Wars, and have 21 years under my belt in this field. Written some short stories (none published, insert sad face) which i can share if you want, but i wouldn't expect to much out of them (its why they aren't published).