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Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Control & Alter Difficulties: Per the following table (the vampires are considered Human, if they are not Human, reallocate the table as necessary): Human: Difficult

Near-human: Very Difficult

Alien: Heroic

Force-sensitive: +10

Non-carbon based: +10

WARNING: The user of this power gains a Dark Side Point. This power will drain the life from any organic based living form, or the life from any sentient being, whether carbon-based or not. Only very alien races might be immune to this power (GM's decision). This life is determined as the Strength and Knowledge of the being. The power can be kept “up.”, with the normal difficulties. A Moderate Control roll is required in any round this power is kept “up.” (i.e., not the first round).

To determine game effects: Roll Strength and Knowledge. Use the Alter result of the aggressor (i.e. Force user) as an attack vs. the combined dice. Consult the damage chart.

No effect: The vampire could not Drain the life from the being this round. The vampire can re-initiate the power next round, or keep the power “up.” (which would necessitate resisting the same Alter result, but with a reroll of dice), or try another attack.

Stun result: The vampire has drained Character Points from the character. The vampire can drain max. number of Character Points as the vampire has dice in Alter (i.e. 8D+2 = 8 character points).

Wound result: As per Stun, only that the vampire also drains Force Points from the character, at a rate of 1 per 15 or fraction there of rolled on the Alter dice.

Incapacitated: As per Wound, but the vampire also permanently drains a pip from both Strength and Knowledge.

Kill: The vampire can drain all Character Points and all Force Points from the character. Strength and Knowledge stats are drained to 0. The vampire can use the Character and Force Points drained as per the normal rules. The pips drained from Strength and Knowledge raises the respective dice codes of the vampire temporarily (like, 2d6 rounds or something). The vampire can decide to forgo this boost in order to heal itself one wound category (i.e., Kill -> Incapacitated -> Wound-> Stun -> No Effect).