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Control Difficulty: Moderate

Sense Difficulty: Target's PERCEPTION or CONTROL roll +10 (for resisting target) or Easy (for non-resisting target). Modified by relationship and proximity.

Required Powers: Farseeing, Receptive Telepathy, Combat Sense

Effect: This power enables a Jedi to anticipate an opponents' immediate actions and react accordingly. The Jedi must declare use of this power at the beginning of the round (before initiative is determined). If successful, the Jedi rolls his/her sense dice rather than perception for initiative, and if s/he succeeds, the target must declare all of his/her actions first BUT the Jedi's declared actions occur first in the round (e.g., if the target declares a move and a shot and the Jedi declares two shots, the Jedi's first shot occurs first, followed by the target's move, followed by the Jedi's second shot, followed by the target's shot). The use of control and sense at the beginning of the round gives the Jedi -2D penalty on all other actions even if the skill use is successful. This power may be used on as many targets per round as the Jedi wishes, but the subtracted dice are cumulative. It may not be kept “up;” the Jedi must check each round to successfully anticipate another being's actions.