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Control Difficulty: Moderate  => Computer, Electric kettle.     

                   Difficult => Lightsaber, Blaster.

              Very Diff => Repulsorlift vehicle.

                    Heroic    => Starship.

Sense Difficulty: Moderate  => Electric kettle.

                  Difficult => Lightsaber, Blaster.

                  Very Diff => Vehicle (all scales).

                  Heroic    => Computer.

Alter Difficulty: Difficult.

Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy

This power may be kept “up.”

Effect: This power enables a force user to convert force energy into some other form of energy.  This enables the user to fire a blaster or wield a lightsaber which has a dead power pack.  Of course if an item is overpowered, it could burn out or even explode, under power the item and it may fail to function or function inefficiently.  If the control roll is failed by 5 or less then the item is under powered.  If the sense roll is failed by 5 or less and the control roll succeeded by greater than 5 then the item has been over powered.  Note that this power is not restricted to electrical energy, any kind of energy can be produced, but this power does not enable the user to do force lightning, project heat from their eyes a la superman or even project a beam of light from an open palm.  It can _only_ be used to power some sort of powered item.  The user of this power must be in contact with the thing being powered.