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Force Lightning

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Force Lightning


Control Difficulty: Difficult. Modified by proximity, but limited to line of sight.

Alter Difficulty: Perception or control roll of target.

Required Power: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Injure/Kill, Inflict Pain

Warning: A Jedi who uses this power for any reason immediately gets a dark side Point.

Effect: This power is a corruption of the Force, harnessing pure hatred and evil from the user and the dark side. When used, it produces bolts of white or blue energy which fly from the user's fingertips, like sorcerous lightning. These bolts tear through the target, causing intense pain and injury. The user must make a control roll to summon the energy for these bolts. These lightning bolts cannot be parried or dodged. Once the lightning bolts are called forth, the victim's only hope is to roll higher with his Perception or control. If the victim does roll higher, the lightning bolts reach out toward the victim, but are deflected or go around. A Jedi armed with a lightsaber can use the lightsaber combat power to block force lightning by rolling a higher control total, but force
lightning cannot be deflected to other targets. This power can be dissipated with the absorb/dissipate energy power — the intended victim simply absorbs the bolts. When someone uses force lightning, the damage is 1D for each 1D of alter the user has. The victim resists damage with their Strength; armor is useless against force lightning. Force lightning courses over and into its target, convulsing him with pain, siphoning off his energies and eventually killing him. If this power stuns, wounds or causes any other injury to a character, he is so convulsed with pain that he is incapable of performing any actions for the rest of the round and the next round.

Source: Tales of the Jedi Companion (page 57)