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Force Link

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Control Difficulty: Difficult

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Alter Difficulty: Moderate

Required Powers: Life Bond, Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Projective Telepathy

This power can be kept up.

Effect: This power allows two or more Force users to join together and combine their power in order to be more effective with their uses of the Force. One being is selected to lead the linked group; from then on, the powers of the link are controlled by this being, though at any time a member of the linked group may break off contact with a successful Control or willpower roll of Moderate difficulty. Each person joining the link must take one full round to initiate this power, and, if successful, he joins the link led by the designated being.

Once the link has been established, no linked character can initiate a new Force power outside the linked group. He may move and attack, but suffers the normal multiple action penalty for keeping up the power. The leader of the link, however, may initiate new Force powers at his own will. When he does so, for each member of the link the range and area of effect of that power is multiplied; for example, a linked group of 3 characters multiplies the standard range and area of effect of a power by 3, whereas a group of 10 multiplies them by 10. Additionally, any damage caused by the power is increased by 1D per person in the link. Also note that, should the power give the user a Dark Side Point, all members of the linked group gain a DarkSidePoint.