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  • Kashyyyk
    Type: Terrestrial
    Temperature: Temperate

    Atmosphere: Type 1 (Breathable)
    Hydrosphere: Moderate
    Gravity: Standard
    Terrain: Jungle
    Length of Day: 26 Hours
    Length of Year: 381 Local Days
    Sapient Species Wookiees (N)
  • Flora / Fauna: Asyyyriak, Agr, Bantha of Kashyyyk, Blastail, Bolstyngar, Gorrylslug
    Starport: Standard Class
    Population: 45 million
    200px-House exterior rmq.jpg

    Planet Function: Homeworld
    Government: Representative Tribal (New Republic Allied)
    Tech Level: Space
    Major Exports: Mid Tech
    Major Imports: Medicines
  • Region: Mid-Rim
  • Sector: Mytaranor
  • System: Kashyyyk-System
  • Kashyyyk is a j ungle planet of unmatched beauty and endless danger. Massive trees cover its surface, their branches intertwining to form an almost continuous forest from the base of the huge trunks to the tops of the highest branches. Life developed throughout this skyward jungle, pushing ever upward from the dark surface toward the glowing sun. The planet's ecosystem is divided into several horizontal levels, one above the other. The world's intelligent species, the fur-covered giants called Wookiees, share the uppermost level with a variety of flying and tree-dwelling creatures.
    The natural environment becomes increasingly more hostile and uninviting as one travels down through the ecosystem levels. The ecology can best be described as a layered death trap, with the lowest levels reportedly serving as the domain of fearsome predators and other lethal hazards which even Wookiees tend to avoid. The jungle is also home to many beneficial plants and animals, and many birds fill the sky between the trees, such as the delicious kroyie, which are hunted for food.
    Wookiees live in the highest branches of Kashyyyk's mighty trees, hundreds of meters above the ground. They build massive cities within the trees, with asmooth integration of practical technology and the amazing natural beauty of the world. The cities combine the best of nature with the conveniences of modern technology.
    During the height of the Empire, Kashyyyk was under martial law. Imperial garrisons dotted the planet and Imperial ships maintained a constant orbit to ensure that the mighty Wookiees could not rebel against the New Order. Wookiees were enslaved and forced to work in Imperial slave camps because of their great strength and natural mechanical talents. They were kept in line by the threat of violence against their families on Kashyyyk. Imperial law made free Wookiees illegal. Any Wookiees found outside of Kashyyyk or Imperial work camps were considered outlaws. Chewbacca fell into this category, and was constantly on the lookout for bounty hunters until he fell under Jabba the Hutt's nominal protection as a free-contract employee of the crime lord.
    Today Kashyyyk is once again a free world, thanks to the efforts of the Alliance and the New Republic. The Wookiees have even begun to allow non-Wookiee traders to visit again, as their natural friendliness steadily overcomes their fear of enslavement. But an undercurrent of resentment toward humans lingers, as the memory of the treatment they received at the hands of the Imperials remains strong.
  • Rwookrrorro
    Nestled atop a tight ring of wroshyr trees, the Wookiee city of Rwookrrorro stands as one of Kashyyyk's most beautiful metropolitan centers. Dropping through the planet's billowing cloud cover, the first view visitors have of the city leaves even the most well-traveled among them breathless. It hangs as though suspended in mid-air, filling the gaps between the massive trees.
    Rwookrrorro is a true city, covering more than a square kilometer of territory. Its multi-leveled buildings are large and complex, laid out in wide, straight avenues. The combination of architecture and planning demonstrates a loving sense of artistry in the creators, beings who many consider to be nothing more than brutal, primitive savages.
    The trunks of the huge trees are used to enhance the beauty. They form giant brown columns around and within the city, reaching up to support the ceiling of white clouds overhead. The whole effect is further enhanced by sweeping lights which lance out to surround the city in brilliant colored beams.
    Unlike Cloud City, which is held aloft by repulsorlift generators, Rwookrrorro is held up only by incredibly strong branches of Kashyyyk's trees. Like a great spider web, the branches grow together to form the foundation of the city. Wroshyr tree branches have a unique property. When separate branches meet, they grow together to form one interlocked branch. The new branch then sprouts new branches of its own which reach out in all directions to find other branches to join with. Through their own growth, they form a unity. In fact, all of the wroshyr trees in the Rwookrrorro grouping are a single giant plant, with a unified, intermixed root system. In that unity, the plant grows stronger and stronger.
    Landing platforms for speeders and even mediumsized cruisers are formed by remnants of huge tree limbs which have been cut horizontally close to the trunk. Many houses, shops and other buildings are built directly into the tree, their entrances open to nothing but empty space. Only the natural climbing claws of the Wookiees allow them to live among the trees and get into places non-Wookiees would find impossible to reach. Liftcars are employed to move cargo and transport the ill, but most Wookiees prefer to get around naturally, climbing among the trees they love. Dark green kshyy vines, stronger than composite cables and self-repairing, ferry the liftcars up and down around the city. In the unlikely event a kshyy vine does break, the liftcars are equipped with emergency repulsor units.
    The lights around the city do more than guide ships or illuminate the clouds. They attract creatures such as the kroyie birds so that the city hunters can catch them. In this way, the birds make up a large portion of the Wookiee diet.