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Paralysing Touch

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Paralysing Touch

(an UrTek-Ná Technique)

Required Powers: UrTek-Ná, Control Pain, Control Another's Pain
Restrictions: can only be used while the UrTek-Ná power is "up"
Alter Difficulty: opponents Stamina + physical Armor

Warning: If this power is used to injure or kill a helpless target, the user immediately gains a Dark Side Point.

Effect: Through manipulation of the Force in the target's joints and pressure points, this power allows to "paralyse" the target. All muscles and joins lock up temporarily and the target is unable to move and act, although fully conscious. This technique cannot be used against droids. When this power is used the Jedi delivers a normal attack using Brawling, modified by the UrTek-Ná power, but no damage is dealt. Instead the target may be paralyzed for a time depending on the amount the Alter roll exceeds the difficulty.

Roll > Difficulty Result
0-3 paralysed for 1 action
4-6 paralysed for 3 rounds
7-10 paralysed for 1 minute
11-15 paralysed for 2D6 minutes
16+ paralysed "indeffinitely"

The paralysation can be ended before the time is up by correcting the flow of the force within the target's body. A Medicine roll (possible applicable specializations: pressure points/chi-flow/body energy) can be attempted to help the victim. It takes one round to apply this with a difficulty of Moderate to heal temporary paralysation and Very Difficult for indefinite paralysation - although the diagnosis of this condition may take a lot longer than a round if the healer/doctor is unfamiliar with the concepts and medical droids have a particularly hard time identifying it. Also the patient may snap out of an indefinite pralysation himself when naturally healing and succeeding at a Very Difficult Stamina roll (A Force sensitive person may roll Control instead of Stamina for this).