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The UrRu art of thought, movement and empty-hand combat (for the Retrieval story line)

Required Powers and Skills:

Recommended Powers:

Alter Difficulty: Easy
Sense Difficulty: Moderate
This power can be kept up.

This power is called upon at the start of a battle and remains up until the Jedi is stunned, wounded or worse; a Jedi who has been injured or stunned may attempt to bring the power back up.

When activated, the Jedi may:

  • Add Sense to Brawling
  • Add ½ Alter to Strength to increase unarmed damage, either as Stun damage or as Blunt damage (must decide when this power is activated)
  • Melee Parry gets no bonus to defend against Brawling
  • Use Brawling Parry to defend against blunt and edged weapons and against lightsabers without penalty.
  • Use any defensive action as a reaction to a successful hit (normal multi-action penalties apply). This includes offensive skills and powers used in a defensive way.
  • Add Sense to any defensive action used as above (this includes the use of force powers for this purpose).
  • The Jedi will not hurt himself by striking a hard or armored surface or by defending against blunt or edged weapons.

It uses a combination of visions of the immediate future and telekinetic techniques to avoid attacks, deflect blows and improve the efficiency of unarmed blows and holds. It also makes use of pressure points, vulnerable nerve endings that the user senses instinctively to deliver stun damage like a blaster that was set to stun. While this power is up the movements of the user are flowing, almost liquid and the steps generally follow spiral patterns, that either lead inward to draw an opponent in, or outward to sweep an opponent away.

As this is a combat style that developed from UrRu thought patterns, movement and physique it is not easy to master for a humanoid that is missing two additional arms and a tail, but not impossible. To reflect this, a non-UrRu character learing this power must spend an additional 10 Character points to learn it.

Source: Retrieval stroyline