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Strengthen/Weaken Material

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Strengthen Object

Alter Difficulty: Moderate  = +3D

                   Difficult = +4D

                   Very Diff  = +5D

                   Heroic     = +6D to +8D depending on roll

Size modifiers: up to 1/4 cubic meter     = +0

                1 cubic meter             = +10

                2 cubic meters            = +20

                4 cubic meters           = +30

Required Powers: Telekinesis

This power may be “kept up.”

Effect: This power strengthens and reinforces the structure of an object. Some Jedi have discovered that is can also be used to weaken objects in a similar manner. Using the Force, the Jedi reinforces the inter- and intra-molecular bonds in the object. The object has the same density (more or less), volume, and mass as before, but it takes more energy to break the bonds holding the object together. This is a relatively basic skill and is usually taught early in a Jedi's studies. This reinforcement strengthens the object versus shearing forces, stress, or isintegration/disassociation by high energies. Thus, a 1D staff Strengthened at the Very Difficult level would now have a Strength of 6D--enough to resist a lightsaber, most of the time. NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT EFFECT THE OBJECT'S ABILIY TO DO DAMAGE! Just increases it’s resistance to breakage or destruction. And severely limits chemical reactions (such as oxidation).

This Force Power may be used on living matter. However, because the various enzymatic and chemical reactions, and protein interactions in living tissue are strongly inhibited, use of this Force Power on living tissue is very damaging. For example: Oxygen (or other vital gases) no longer disassociates from carrier molecules, causing oxygen-starvation. Hormones and neurotransmitters will not disassociate from receptor proteins. Blood cells will coagulate on the blood vessel walls. DNA strands cannot be separated for transcription to RNA--thus halting protein synthesis. There are very few organisms that can withstand such inhibition of chemical reactions. Use of this Power on living tissue is thus grounds for a DARK Side Point.