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About Me

Been running D6 campaigns off-and-on for nearly a decade, or maybe a decade...

Working on stuff for my D6 campaigns as time allows. Listening to RotJ and Tron Legacy soundtracks as I write and/or type.


DARK FRONTIERS; Stockwell Region/Oversector

A WIP, campaign set in 15 BBY. More info here.

Star Wars Mercenaries

My Sort-Of-Ininities SWRPG campaign. There is no Yuuzhan Vong. In 25 ABY it is a New Sith Empire that menaces the galaxy, striking from the Unknown Regions. Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura are not only alive, but the head Masters of the Felucia Jedi Academy. New Jedi Enclaves have been established on Ossus and Dantooine. Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon continues to direct the development of the Imperial Knights.
Players are all mercenary characters in some fashion. A ship Mechanic, a Force-user and a Bounty Hunter or two.

Nightstar Circus Campaign

Not my creation but a game started by my players when I took a sabbatical from SW, which I eventually joined. Set around 6 BBY the characters are all part of a traveling circus plying the spaceways. Lando Calrissian is the current Ringmaster, Jar Jar Binks a painfully comedic head of security. Lando has not as yet even laid eyes upon the Millenium Falcon which at this time is the property of Molpol's Traveling Circus at this time.