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Control Difficulty: Moderate

Required Powers: Force Lightning, Injure/Kill, Eclipse

Note: This power can only be used by characters who have been consumed by the Dark Side.

This power can be kept “up.”

Effect: This power enshrouds a Dark Jedi in a camouflaging veil of the Dark Side.  The power  roll is added to the difficulty of any Sense roll of a power attempting to detect the presence of the user of this power.  It also subtracts 2D from any skill attempts to perceive them, or 4D if the power roll succeeds by 15 or more.  The power causes people to overlook the user as he or she blends into the surroundings and any smells or sound emanating from them are muffled.  The user of this power still may make skill checks as usual while the power is “up.” (i.e.  at a -1D penalty).  However, the user may not use combat oriented Force powers while this power is kept “up.” (e.g. lightsaber combat, combat sense, injure/kill, telekinetic kill, inflict pain, etc.). This power does not affect electronic life-form sensors.