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Empower Self

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Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Alter Difficulty: Moderate

This power may be kept “up.”

Note: This Power is exclusively used by Monks of Shimura.

Required Powers: Ka, Absorb/Dissipate Energy

Effect: When this power is activated an energy field surrounds the body (especially the hands and forearms) of the Monk (follower of Shimura) allowing him to parry and deflect blaster bolts as well as lightsabers.  While kept up the Monk may add his Sense to Brawling Parry in order to parry lightsabers or block/deflect blaster bolts as per Lightsaber Combat.  These bonuses are not in addition to any gained from keeping the Ka Power up.  While the Monk is empowered he may also add Alter to his brawling damage.