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About me

There is no courage in pulling a trigger, pushing a button or doing as you're told. The real courage is standing for what you believe, regardless of the consequences.

The Demon Apostle


Been playing Star Wars D6 since the late 90's. Been running the games since 2000.

Law of Averages

  1. Average Human attribute = 2D
  2. Average skill level = 3D
  3. Average roll on 1D = 3.5
  4. Average Human Attribute roll = 7
  5. Average skill roll = 10.5

Example: Blaster Pistol = 4D damage. Human strength = 2D. The Unarmored Human is shot by the blaster pistol. Using the "Law of Averages" the blaster pistol does 14 damage. The Human resists 7 damage with their 2D strength. Thus taking 7 points of damage putting the Human at wounded damage status. This is best used when making new stuff for star wars D6.