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Hi, welcome to D6 Holocron Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Capitol Ships page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Bsdoblivion (Talk) 02:20, October 10, 2009

hey there

i really dont want to sound ungreatful here as i really do appreciate your help on this. but it did mess up a few things that i had in the files. im having a problem finding what i was able to put in and not. as well as which areas still needed research. most of what i have in a lot of this is already documented on a large file so that i didnt need to double check the information. so i will need to clear out a lot of what you already posted so i can back track this. like i said i realy do apreciate this but as well im really really sorry about this. thank you very much

Bsdoblivion 10:33, October 17, 2009 (UTC)

story line

hey i was wondering if you would like a section to yourself in the story lines area. so far i have a little done there for the after the fall line. but since its entered by Fr3d.EXE its a slow go. just curious if you would like your own Bsdoblivion 22:41, November 4, 2009 (UTC)



story line

just need a name to put in for the story line. Fr3d.EXE already took After the Fall as an example

Collapsible World

Collapsible World

story line

okie dokie its in. and BTW thank you very much for your assistance. from what ive found on the internet in starwars sites this is already has more content then any other not including the swrpgnetwork. which isnt even taking in new users anyway.

out of curiosity what is the source your grabbing this all from. like a document or nice pdf file or such. just curious later Bsdoblivion 22:45, November 9, 2009 (UTC)

my source

i have over 120 different D6 books in .pdf form and i have a number of other files with a great deal of compiled information in .pdf form which i downloaded from various sites. i did go looking for the file from which you were getting the information from. low and behold i found the one that had word for word the droids information you recently put up and then i went and downloaded all the other files that i could from that site. also i made frequent visits to www.rpggamer.org. and thus i discovered your site. i also have a great number of D20 books in .pdf form that i had been converting for years for my own use.


fixed the links in the powered weapons so they should work again. also shoot me an email at bsdoblivion@gmail.com so i have your address on file. ill also shoot you a couple of files you may not have. also you may want to sign messages you have on this site with the 4 tildes, that way i know its you Bsdoblivion 23:28, November 9, 2009 (UTC)


been working on getting some download options for the site or at least to link the downloads from other sites. i was hopeing to actually host the donwloads so that i can monitor them to be sure they work. things like the excell sheets and original sources for this data as well if wanted. i may need to set something up with freddyb to have the files stored for download and just put the direct download links on the wiki Bsdoblivion 02:14, November 11, 2009 (UTC)


sorry ive not been putting stuff up lately, ive been busy with life and such and then the holiday weekend. so i should be back within a week or so. -the demon apostle


Also are you adding D20 Info (not the stats) but just information? it does kinda help flesh out some of the areas in the Force Paths area i have been copying and pasting. Hey i didnt know how to chat with you, but thanks for cleaning up the pages... i wish i knew exactly what you did that made them cleaner or i would do them myself (new Jedi Order, Jedi Order) If you could give me a rundown i could probably handle it... Also i love it that you still find time to play D6, if you lived in orlando, fl i'd definately get involved - Nathan (Natesroom)


Yeah i just noticed that all the races had info... i was searching all over for some info. I did about 20 NPC's the other night... and i'm getting a little bit better about formatting. Take a look at Grand Moff Tarkin. I copied the source from the site but it had this weird table going on. --Natesroom 08:08, 14 July 2011 (EDT)-Natesroom


I've not spent any time learning wiki code and others so i'm just learning now. I have found not so much spelling errors but grammatical errors, almost like the Text came from an OCR rendering. Also no problem i saw how you've edited some of the races i was doing and that makes sense.--Natesroom 10:31, 14 July 2011 (EDT)

Argent Lady

Argent Lady is edited, and i added a new pic. i will scan the original deckplan as soon as i am able. i think i'm getting the hang of this wiki code. --Inquisitor1138 19:38, 14 July 2011 (EDT)

[Argent Lady]

Cost should be included as that is how WEG presented it in SWAJ#9. As stated, it predates the entry in P&P. Further, I believe the scale listed in P&P is in error. The BD-27 Barge Driver in the preceding story in SWAJ#9 is also 110m long, just like the Cargo Empress. Both the stock and modified versions of the Barge Driver are Starfighter-scale. It is my belief that this led to the entry in P&P listing the wrong scale; someone transcribing it from what was printed to the new book being made. --Inquisitor1138 17:43, 22 July 2011 (EDT)


Thanks for the comparative listings! I think Flashpoint might be the only one I don't have. Perosnally, I feel that both ships should be listed. As for which, the version in The Thrawn Trilogy Sourcebook (pages 211, 214) seems cleaner in its presentation.

"in my opinion we list them seperatey and referencing both ships sources properly with a 3rd listing for the rebel modified one. with the rebel sorcebook as its only listing."

I agree. But there is one nagging question I want your thoughts on: Starfighters. The Wookiepedia page for Bulk Cruisers states they typically had 12 fighters. The Rebel modifications made their Carrier Cruisers able to support 36 fighters. Should we list them, even though the WEG material didn't say one way or the other(for the basic ship)?

--Inquisitor1138 16:06, 30 July 2011 (EDT)



--Inquisitor1138 19:55, 4 August 2011 (EDT)

Speed Chart Draft 2.X.4

I would appreciate your feedback on this, Speed Chart Draft 2.X.4

--Inquisitor1138 20:00, 4 August 2011 (EDT)

Speed Chart Draft 2.X.4

Thanks Man! I wanted to thank you sooner, but my connectiion issues farkled me bad...

--Inquisitor1138 18:27, 19 August 2011 (EDT)

Class 1000 Cruiser

Die Codes In 1st Edtion(1990) the book lists Hull: 5D and Shields: 2D but the rest is the same. Does the 2nd Ed Galaxy Guide 6: Tramp Freighters explain this change, or is it in the Errata of an issue of Star Wars Adventure Journal?

--Inquisitor1138 18:35, 19 August 2011 (EDT)

Getting Permission

I am here on behalf of my fellow simmer on SGTNG. He has asked me to pass on this message.

Hey, about you guys using the BC-303 thru BC-309 you took from the SG:TNG wiki, please email me (or IM me) at AsidMjolnir@yahoo.com

He has also asked that you could unban him from this site.

Nothing malicious is meant by this. All we ask is that permission is sought for the images. If you e-mail the above address this can hopefully be rectified.

Getting Permission

I am here on behalf of my fellow simmer on SGTNG. He has asked me to pass on this message.

Hey, about you guys using the BC-303 thru BC-309 you took from the SG:TNG wiki, please email me (or IM me) at AsidMjolnir@yahoo.com

He has also asked that you could unban him from this site.

Nothing malicious is meant by this. All we ask is that permission is sought for the images and the work. If you e-mail the above address this can hopefully be rectified.


Ain't heard from you in a while. You okay?
Anyway, I added Colonel Erlick Frodar and will post Talon Karrde next. Also, I'm correcting errors in the stuff cut and paste from the pdf scans, as the scans sometimes mix up letters, or letters with numbers and vice-versa.
--Inquisitor1138 (talk) 00:51, 29 July 2012 (EDT)

Hello there!

I'm back and wondering if you're around.

Inquisitor1138 (talk) 22:07, 6 May 2014 (CDT)

Executor-class Star Dreadnought

Hey man, I know you may have some sources that say otherwise, but I'm right this time. I currently have the best possible source on this info in front of me, the Imperial Sourcebook. And the Imperial Sourcebook says that Super Star Destroyers are eight thousand meters long, have a total of one thousand forty weapons, and carry 144 TIE Fighters. No argument.

Other Edits

Here are my main points:

  • Yes, I have a source for the Katarn Armor edits, I'll add that next.
  • I feel that the comment on the Storm Commando page was necessary, as in the book Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim (which is also right in front of me), the entry on Radtrooper armor is right next to the Storm Commando armor entry, while here it is not.
  • I have done quite a bit of research on rail guns, as I wish to build one. During this research I came across the fact that rail guns have no recoil. According to the page, they do. That is why I added the comment, because if that is what the book said, then the book is wrong. So I told Gamemasters to ignore it, unless it served the plot. Makes sense, right?
  • The entire point of designing SBD's was to increase the durability of the Droid infantry. If they have the same amount of armor as a B1, that kinda defeats the purpose, now doesn't it? I know, in The Clone Wars TV show, they are just as weak as the others, but according to everyone else, they are not.
  • In the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook (wow! Also right in front of me!) is the fact that the design of a Star Destroyer allows ALL turbolasers to fire forward, and that nothing can fire backwards.

Thanks for looking out for the site, though! I thought nobody had been here since 2013!

New Character Templates, et al.

Hey, as you seem to be the most active Admin I'll ask you about this. :) I updated the standard template that was being used for character templates to something I feel is a little cleaner. Would you be ok with me updating current templates and adding new ones with this template style? (It's featured on my talk page.)

Also would it be alright if after the master list on the Character Template page I added additional collapsible lists of for the templates that share a common theme? For example, Rebel Operatives, Smugglers and Scoundrels, Pirates and Privateers, Imperials, New Republic Era, Bounty Hunters, Tapani Sector Campaign, etc. Obviously nearly any template can be used with any campaign, but it might help new/returning GMs to point characters to specific sections for inspiration.

On the subject of organizing, how do we feel about categories?

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon! --ABCoLD (talk) 20:36, 20 April 2016 (CDT)

Content Guidelines

What are the guidelines for adding content with new details. For example AFAIK there is no actual description of a Pocket Computer in the game system. There's simply an availability and a price listed. If I were to make a page for the Pocket Computer would it be acceptable to write up a short blurb for a description? (And at what point does description become homebrew game information? Personally I would write something along the lines that a Pocket Computer works somewhat similarly to a modern smart phone. As in it can run simple applications and can allow you to interface with other devices but doesn't provide any bonuses to the attempt.

I ask as you mentioned that you pulled some information for the Defel page from Wookieepedia, and I'm wondering where the lines are as it sometimes seems blurry.--ABCoLD (talk) 16:30, 21 April 2016 (CDT)

Hey, if you're not watching my talk page I just responded there using a : thing, so we're not doing talk page tag. :) --ABCoLD (talk) 19:37, 22 April 2016 (CDT)